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Temporary and Permanent Soil Retention Systems

VersaGrade uses a wide variety of soil retention systems to address specific soils conditions for your project. Having the ability to use different manufacturers and installation techniques allows us to provide you with the most cost effective solution tailored to your specific project.
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Tie Back & Anchoring Systems

Whether it be guy anchors for telecommunications/power structures, to stabilizing of structures from lateral loads, VersaGrade has the solutions you need. Failing basement or retaining walls can be repaired or stabilized using tie backs. We own and utilize a wide variety of installation equipment and can access areas others cannot. We have completed projects in environmentally sensitive areas, wet lands, and the top of the Sierras. We can get to where you need us, complete the project, and leave without a trace.
tie back anchoring


Armor & Structural Applications

If you have a slope that simply needs protection from erosion, or are building a structural component for a high rise building, VersaGrade can place shotcrete where you need it. We have the equipment and the experience to perform shotcrete operations for a wide variety of applications. Accompanied with soil nails or tie backs, we can create large scale retaining walls for temporary and permanent excavations.

Injection Bore Drilling

Injection Bore Drilling (IBO) is a specialized method for installing soil nails or micropiles. Not only can we create a load bearing tendon that works in tension or compression, but using the IBO method, we actually improve the soils bearing capacity around each tendon. This method allows us to achieve load bearing capacities that are significantly higher than other methods at a lower cost. IBO micropiles are a excellent solution for seismic retrofit upgrades.
injection bore drilling

Preliminary Project Design

“How do we fix the problem, & how much will the project cost?”

With decades of experience, the help of Computer Aided Drafting, Soils Engineering Software and other current industry technology, VersaGrade can prepare a preliminary plan of repair to address your projects specific needs. VersaGrade employs a wide variety of repair and retention products, each one chosen specifically to remediate problems cost effectively. Preliminary project design helps us to determine the best course of action, estimate costs, and convey our plans to you and your engineering team with clarity.

Completed Projects

  We have a staff ready to help you with your project solutions!

Contact VersaGrade at 775.284.1964 to discuss soil retention systems and speciality construction projects.
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