Emerson Chimney

Helical Piles Installation

Fireplace chimneys made of rock or brick are usually pretty heavy.  Large footings were typically poured to help distribute this weight, adding MORE weight to an already heavy structure.  Because of this, chimneys often settle more quickly than the houses they are connected to causing a lot of distress.  On the Emerson Chimney project, VersaGrade underpinned the chimney with Helical Piles.  The chimney had settled several inches, and was pulling away from the house, taking the hearth with it.  After re-leveling, the distress disappeared!

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Saddlehorn Way

Helical Pile Installation

An excellent example of a structure built on poor soil conditions.  Most of the structure was built on highly expansive clays, while other portions had bedrock directly under the footing.  VersaGrades solution was to isolate the entire foundation from the underlying soils and leave a void space under the footing to allow the clays to expand and contract without influencing the level structure.  Helical pile installations were put around the entire perimeter foundation and the interior was supported on adjustable girder jacks.  The foundation was then re-leveled and void form was installed beneath the footing to isolate the foundation from the swell pressures created by the expansive soils.

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Maple Leaf Project

Construction Piles Installed in Residential Lots

Terraced residential lots sometimes use retaining rockery walls to maximize usable land.  In some cases the structures end up too close to these walls. New Construction piles transfer the building load beyond the bottom of the wall to an area that won't add additional surcharge.

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UNR Retaining Wall Project

Retaining Wall Underpinning for UNR

A large section of retaining wall had settled on the Medical Education Learning Lab at The University of Nevada Reno.  VersaGrade was contracted to underpin the entire wall and stabilize in place by hydraulically transferring the weight of the wall to the helical piles.

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Williams Circle Project

Residential Foundation Construction

To build a home on this lot, 48" storm drain was relocated outside the building footprint.  The 13' deep storm drain was excavated, relocated, and backfilled without adequate compaction.  The result was a portion of the structure settling over 12". VersaGrade underpinned and re-leveled the worst part of the structure and held it in place within 1/2" of where it was originally constructed.

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C. St. Project

General Construction Services Re-level a Parking Lot in Virginia City

Parking has been a problem in Virginia City since the 1800's.  This parking area addition required the existing historical building to be shored in place while the excavation phase was completed.  Since we had underpinned the foundation to hold it in place, the Owner had the option to re-level that portion of the building which had settled a little over 3". We re-leveled in a few hours, and saved weeks of carpentry work inside during the remodel.

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Greenstone Project

Foundation repair project in Reno, Nevada

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Hampshire Drive Project

Foundation repair projects in Reno, Nevada.

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University Ridge Project

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