AutoZone #4047

Commercial Project

This commercial project, awarded to VersaGrade, consisted of site work and utilities on an undeveloped lot for a new AutoZone Auto Parts Store in South Reno.  1.7 acres of land were cleared of vegetation and prepared for the construction of a 7,182 Square Foot retail store and parking area. 7.5′ of soils were over-excavated, screened, and re-compacted under the building pad and pavement areas.  Over 9,000 cubic yards of material were screened and placed with the addition of imported structural fill.  Utility installations included domestic, irrigation, & fire water service; gas, electrical & communications; sanitary sewer, and storm drain.  Over 22,000 Square feet of Type II base was placed and compacted for the parking area and site concrete in 4″ to 12″ sections.

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