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Foundation Repair

Signs you may need foundation repair include:

  • Cracks in the sheetrock at corners of doors or windows
  • Cracks in the sheetrock on walls and ceilings
  • Broken or loose floor tiles
  • Cracks in bricks, stucco, masonry block, siding and mortar
  • Doors, windows or kitchen cabinets that will not open or close properly
  • Bowing basement or garage walls, or porches and chimneys pulling away from a house
  • Uneven, sloping floors and/or large cracks in concrete slabs, footings or stem walls

The Cause

The impact of water and time on soils is the primary cause of foundation problems and the need for residential foundation contractors. This can cause cracking, settling, and/or heaving in a structure’s foundation. Soil structure can vary dramatically with seasonal changes such as heavy precipitation, frost or drought. Excess water from plumbing or irrigation leaks can cause expansive soil such as clay to swell and heave a foundation upward. Excess water can cause granular soils like sands to consolidate causing settlement. External elements such as large tree roots beneath a structure, and improper construction techniques, can also lead to Versa Grade fixing your foundation. We are a general engineering contractor in Reno that has the skills to identify the cause of foundation problems along with the proper knowledge of where soils are imperative for a proper foundation repair.

Foundation Repair

Versa Grade has over 20 years of experience in problem soils in the Nevada and Northern California area. Our staff and general engineering contractors in Reno have all the solutions for fixing foundation.

Foundation Repair

Fixing foundation is quite the process and depending upon the application and soil conditions, our residential foundation contractors will utilize helical piles, push resistance piles, or micropiles driven deep into the ground—all the way to bedrock or suitable load-bearing strata. After the piles have been installed into the ground, various bracket systems are attached to the piles and connected to the structure’s foundation. All components remain in the ground to support the foundation. Helical piers are the product of choice for most applications in our area. Helical piles are installed using a hydraulically driven, high torque drive motor. Installation torque is continually monitored allowing our residential foundation contractors to determine the actual, in-situ bearing capacity of each pile. Different types of soils require different approaches of fixing foundation. We are a Reno general engineering contractor that will determine the best course for your foundation crack repair and utilize the best products available to provide you with a cost effective solution that WORKS.

Foundation Repair with Ram Jack®

Fixing Foundation

Versa Grade has completed numerous foundation repair projects on private homes, commercial, and industrial facilities throughout Northern Nevada and Northern California using Ram Jack® products. Ram Jack® steel piles will support your failing foundation and remain permanently in place. Using brackets designed for the purpose of fixing foundation, we can raise or lower the foundation of your home to relieve the stress caused by differential movement, and to hold it in place.

Basement Wall Repair

Basement walls can also fail over time due to increased hydrostatic pressure, or the addition of a surcharge that it was not designed for. Versa Grade can address these problems with the addition of a Tie Backs and Waler system, or the industries latest technology in carbon fiber straps with Kevlar® joist ties. Versa Grade has the tools for a foundation repair of your basement walls.

Who is Ram Jack®

Ram Jack® Foundation Solutions began in Ada, Oklahoma in 1968 and continues to evolve as an industry leader with over 50 dealers nationwide including USA, Canada and South America. They were the first helical pier manufacturer to receive accreditation through the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), the U.S. leader for evaluating compliance with commercial and residential building codes. Ram Jack® products set the standard for meeting or exceeding these codes. Ram Jack’s patented steel piles provide distinct and lasting benefits for foundation repair over concrete piers, as well as superior strength and benefits over competing steel piles.

Ram Jack® products are manufactured with pride in the United States using only new, high-strength carbon steel tubing. Ram Jack® uses a corrosion-resistant powder coating on all steel piers and ground-contact components that is eco-friendly and meets all U.S. EPA standards. Installation is low-impact and efficient with minimal soil and landscape disturbance.

Build with Ram Jack®

The best way to solve problem soils is to not rely on them to support your building at all! Using new construction piles when fixing foundation is a cost effective solution and gives peace of mind. New construction piles transfer the building loads to a deep bearing stratum that is not affected by surface moisture or seasonal changes. Loose or uncontrolled fill, clays, and expansive soils require excavation and re-compaction, sometimes using structural material for backfill. Over excavation and re-compaction of soils can be expensive, especially if you cannot use the soils you already have. Versa Grade has installed countless Ram Jack® piles for new construction and all are performing without issue.

Let us repair your damaged foundation or provide pre-construction foundation support for your new home or business with Ram Jack!

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