Reno Excavation and Sitework 101

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Reno excavation services for residential areas require careful attention to detail, a bit of muscle, and above all, understanding of the land. While some eager homeowners may attempt to perform their own excavation work, this is not recommended unless you have knowledge of how to properly do so. An excavation project can easily go awry if undertaken by an unqualified person, which is why you should consider hiring licensed Reno excavation contractors to get the job done correctly and safely. 

What Is Excavation? 

Excavating is the act of removing earth and dirt from an area by digging. Essentially, the man-made hole will create a trench or cavity that is needed to perform needed construction or landscaping work. A Reno excavator carries out these tasks to ensure the proper and safe removal of the earth for a seamless transition into beginning your project. 

What Does a Reno Excavating Company Do? 

There are three key types of excavation work which include site preparation, site grading, and land clearing. Site preparation involves the removal of small rocks, branches, and other debris along with making preparations to grade and slope the land, create border clearance, and compact the soil. This step is crucial to begin the construction process as it ensures the land is ready to be worked on. Site grading is essential when preparing for construction work to begin as it ensures the site is sloped and angled appropriately to avoid damage caused by soil erosion. And land clearing is performed to remove hazardous branches and other debris that could lead to fire or other complications.

The work that Versa Grade has experience with includes:

  • Foundation Excavations and Backfill – Both conventional footing with stem wall and slab on grade foundations.
  • Underground Utility Services – Electrical, fiber optic, CATV, phone, sewer, and natural gas prep. Versa Grade is a Qualified Gas Backfill Contractor with gas line installations by the governing utility company.
  • Flat Prep – Grading and aggregate base for exterior concrete flatwork.
  • Final Grading – Drainage swales, berms, ditches, rockery, and retaining wall prep in accordance with grading/plot plans.
  • Auto Grade Laser Control Systems – Utilized on grading equipment, resulting in accurate grading with tight tolerances.
  • Additional Services – Subsurface drainage systems, septic systems, dust control, erosion control, street cleaning, and other SWPPP compliance work.

When Is The Best Time to Hire Reno Excavation Contractors?

If you’re wondering when is the best time to excavate, take the following into consideration:

#1 When are you planning on starting your construction or landscaping project?

Typically, excavation is done in preparation for another construction or landscaping project. The first thing you should consider is when you plan to start your new construction and how long the excavation will take. For example, if you’re excavating land to create a flower bed or garden area, then you’ll likely want to start the process in early spring to give you plenty of time to get things planted before the heat hits. 

#2 What is the weather like at the time of the planned excavation?

Because excavation services are performed dependent on weather conditions, there are certain times out of the year that make it more suitable for excavating land in Northern Nevada. Excavation is often difficult to perform mid-winter due to the grounds being hardened by the freezing temperatures. Likewise, rain makes excavating impossible as it causes the land to slide and move. 

#3 When is a Reno excavation contractor available?

Another consideration you need to make is when the contractor will be available to do the work. Excavators are quite busy during the spring and summer months, making it more difficult to retain a contractor at these times. Fall and winter might be a bit slower for an excavation company and they may even offer deals during this time to gain more business.  

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Best Reno Excavation Company 

VersaGrade, Inc. is an A Licensed – General Engineering Contractor serving Nevada and California. Our Reno-based company specializes in excavating, grading, underground utility construction, deep foundation systems, slope stabilization, foundation & basement wall repair. Contact VersaGrade at 775.284.1964 to get the best excavation Reno has to offer.

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