5 Warning Signs You Need Foundation Repair

August 22, 2016

A structure does not have to be older to be in need of foundation repair. The need for fixing foundation can also be caused by construction, soils, and weather. The warning signs which indicate foundation problems are subtle. If ignored, it could turn into a bigger project down the road. It is crucial for your foundation to consult with residential foundation contractors.


Here are 5 warning signs your home or commercial building may need foundation repair.


  • Windows and doors stick: This is one of the most common signs of foundation problems. If your doors aren’t swinging freely or your windows are hard to open, it may be a sign that a foundation repair is needed.
  • You see cracks: Inspect your home or building for cracked interior or exterior walls. Plaster, dry wall, and even exterior brick and stucco may crack and your foundation will need fixing and repair.
  • There are gaps: Take a look at your base boards and crown molding. If you start to see gaps form or separation from the wall, foundation problems could be the cause. This also applies to gaps in caulking.
  • Areas of the floor are sinking: Sunken living rooms are intentionally sunken. But a sagging floor is another thing. If you notice a dip in your flooring when you are walking, you may have foundation problems and need to seek out someone that is an expert when it comes to fixing foundation.
  • The patio is uneven or separating: Patios and outdoor steps often separate from the home or building if foundation problems are present. Tilting of the concrete panels may also occur.

Foundation inspections from residential foundation contractors is an important step in maintaining your property. Foundation problems left uncorrected will get worse. It’s important to be aware of the warning signs and head off the need for fixing foundation issues in the future. Keep your eyes open and stay aware of the signs.  If you notice any of them, give us a call.  You will be grateful you did.

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