Fixing Foundation of Manzanita 5/15/2015

May 15th, 2015 by

Manzanita Foundation Issues

A residential remodel posed some interesting issues when it was discovered that an enclosed patio portion of the structure had settled over 3″.  The plan for fixing the foundation was to underpin two columns that supported the patio and re-level.  This proved to be an issue once the footings were uncovered.

Fixing the foundation was a task that needed to be done. Both column foundations were different and not of standard construction.  One was constructed on a deep drilled caisson, and the other had a massive amount of concrete poured around it.  It was decided that the original plan was not feasible, and that supporting in place was the best option.

Versa Grade Reno General Contractors

VersaGrade installed new construction helical piles for fixing the foundation. A new concrete grade beam connecting the columns to the piles was designed and constructed. Though re-leveling was not an option given the existing conditions, our contractors were able to stabilize the structure against future settlement and allowed remodeling to continue.

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